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The Paley Institute is proud to offer world-class foot and ankle care, from two renowned physicians: Dr. Bradley Lamm, Chief of Foot & Ankle Surgery, and Dr. Christina Schilero, Foot & Ankle Surgeon.

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We specialize in a new technique called joint distraction that uses external fixation to preserve the ankle and toe joints. This technique delays the need for joint fusion or joint replacement procedures. We also use growth hormone injections to restore the joint cartilage. Our physicians developed the multiplier method for predicting adult foot length and adult foot height, which is a simple and accurate method for predicting foot dimensions and discrepancies at skeletal maturity. We are known for our ability to correct unique and challenging cases of foot and ankle deformities. Drs. Lamm and Schilero have vast knowledge in external and internal fixation for correction of deformities.

Dr. Lamm developed a minimally invasive surgical procedure to correct the malpositioned diabetic foot (re-creating a fallen arch), as well as a minimally invasive method for lengthening metatarsals and toes, which preserves toe motion and foot function. He also has established and currently directs the first podiatric fellowship in foot and ankle deformity correction. Dr. Lamm continues to advance the field of foot and ankle surgery with his innovative research efforts, which have focused on functional outcomes after surgery. His current research concentrates on the advancement of computer-assisted surgery and stem cells.

Dr. Schilero recently completed a specialized fellowship with Dr. Paley and performs advanced treatments for a wide range of foot and ankle conditions. She also specializes in an innovative approach to complex wound care.

Conditions Treated

We have extensive experience in treating a variety of complicated congenital and developmental foot and ankle deformities in children and adults. He specializes in the treatment of the following:

  • Diabetic foot deformities
    • Charcot joint disease, malpositioned diabetic foot, non-healing wound, peripheral neuropathy, life-/limb-threatening infection and, when absolutely necessary, amputation
  • Forefoot deformities
    • Bunion, Tailor's bunion (fifth toe bunion), hallux limitus/rigidus (arthritis of the great toe), hammer toe, claw toe, long/short toe, neuroma, ganglion, ingrown toenail, toenail deformity, wart and painful callus
  • Hindfoot deformities
    • Heel spur, plantar fasciitis, nerve entrapment (tarsal tunnel), posterior tendon dysfunction, flatfoot, high arch, heel pain, recurrent ankle sprain, equinus (tight heel cord), and Achilles tendonitis or rupture
  • Ankle disorders
    • Ankle joint arthritis, unstable/weak ankle, tendonitis, osteochondral lesions and avascular necrosis
  • Pediatric conditions
    • Clubfoot, tarsal coalition, metatarsus adductus, flatfoot, high arch, calcaneal valgus, toe-in/toe-out, vertical talus, syndactyly (webbing or fusion of toes) and polydactyly (presence of more than five toes)
  • Athletic injuries
    • Ankle sprain, foot/ankle fracture, stress fracture, shin splints, joint dislocation, muscle tear, athlete's foot, contusion, and laceration
  • Post-traumatic foot and ankle deformities
    • Malunion
  • Bone healing problems
    • Delayed union, nonunion and problem fracture
  • Bone defects, bone infections, and joint infections
    • Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis
  • Bone length discrepancies
    • Digital, metatarsal, heel and leg lengthening
  • Arthritis
    • Gouty arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis
  • Other foot and ankle conditions
    • Charcot Marie Tooth disease, soft tissue tumors, skin lesions, abscesses and avascular necrosis

In the News

Dr. Lamm on the Doctors
Dr. Lamm on the television show, The Doctors

Dr. Lamm is known all across the world for his expertise in treating foot and ankle deformities. He has been featured on a number of news segments, including the television show The Doctors to discuss foot and toe lengthening. He was voted "Top Doctor" in Baltimore Magazine numerous times.

Dr. Lamm on Lengthening Toes

Dr. Lamm on "The Doctors"