Paley Institute First in South Florida to Deploy 7D Surgical System


It’s always about patient safety and successful outcomes for our patients! Drs. Feldman and Shufflebarger performed the first surgery in south Florida using the 7D Surgical System, a rapid, radiation-free alternative to traditional image guided surgery.

7D Surgical has developed the first and only FLASH Navigation System featuring machine-vision technology. The system solves ALL the clinical frustrations and challenges of traditional navigation systems, allowing our surgeons to perform fast, efficient, cost-effective, and radiation-free spine surgery.

The Paley team is committed to raising the standard and outcome of orthopedic surgery worldwide. Thank you, 7D Surgical and OrthoPediatrics, for bringing your FLASH Navigation technology to Paley.

We are committed to making pediatric orthopedic spine surgery safer – resulting in better outcomes for KIDS!
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