Treatment Strategies

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We have treated many CHARGE patients at the Paley Institute. We focus on the orthopedic conditions that manifest in CHARGE Syndrome, which are addressed on a case-by-case approach; Tibial Hemimelia is by far the most common condition treated by us for these patients.

Treatment by Dr. Paley may involve correction either acutely or gradually, and may include a combination of larger open procedures and/or application of external fixator(s) to the legs.  Treatment time is individualized and discussed at the time of original consultation. Occasionally, further imaging studies are required such as Magnetic Resonance studies (MRI) or Computerized Tomography (CT).

During the orthopedic treatment phase, we also keep a close watch on the child’s additional body system issues, and with the multi-disciplinary specialist available on-site at St. Mary’s hospital, can assure a high degree of safety. On-site, there is available pediatric cardiac surgery, intervention cardiac catheterization, a dedicated Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) team staffed with board-certified intensivists, pediatric ear, nose throat specialists, pediatric endocrinologists and general surgeons, and pulmonologists, amongst others. In the operating room, board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists attend our surgeries.

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