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Aiden was born on May 12, 2010, He was born with Congenital Femur Deficiency; which such diagnostics we did not know of until we met Doctor Dror Paley. Everywhere we went the answer was “amputation”. This absurd conclusion was not what we wanted to hear; therefore we continued our desperate search. Our search went on for about a year, and then in 2011 we found all the answers we had been looking for after a visit with Dr. Dror Paley.

Doctor Paley explained that Aiden was born with Congenital Femur Deficiency; congenital femoral deficiency (CFD) is a rare birth defect that is characterized by a short femur, associated with hip and knee deformity, deficiency, or instability. He had a difference of 7 inches between both femurs. That’s when he first spoke to us about the Rotationplasty Surgery; a surgery that would change Aiden’s life for the better.

The lower leg and foot are rotated 180 degrees, the length is adjusted, and the tibia is then fused to the proximal femur. The foot is positioned where the knee used to be, with the heel portion in front and the toes pointing back. The ankle now functions in place of the knee joint. After a while of trying to understand this unique procedure, our family decided that due to the circumstances this is what was best for Aiden.

Here we are 3 years after surgery and at 5 years old, Aiden is as happy as can be! He runs, climbs, jumps; he is able to do anything and everything a kid his age should be doing. I am extremely thankful that we found Doctor Paley, each and every day I cannot thank god enough for placing him in our path and giving us the opportunity to give Aiden the ability to live life comfortably.

Doctor Paley you will forever have a very special place in our hearts, we thank you, Aiden thanks you; for you are the reason that we are able to fill our lives with laughter. I would also like to give credit to the entire Paley Institute’s staff for treating us like family throughout this journey.

With Love,
Aiden Godoy and Family

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