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When my family found out that my daughter had scoliosis and would need surgery, we knew we were at a crossroads. We were concerned about finding the right doctor, about how Alexa‘s life would change following the surgery, and about even the risks of the surgery itself. We interviewed several doctors in the south Florida area, many of whom had impeccable credentials and were widely renowned. But when we finally had an appointment with Dr. Shufflebarger and his team, especially Miss Michelle, we knew we had found the right doctor for our daughter.

Dr. Shufflebarger and his team put us right at ease and assured us that our baby girl was going to be just fine. In the months leading up to the surgery, they kept us informed about all aspects of what we needed to expect and what we needed to do for the surgery to be a complete success. In the days leading up to the surgery, they made sure that we were well taken care of and that Alexa would be in a great mental, emotional, and physical state for the surgery. Their facilities were absolutely perfect, and we did not have a single complaint.
Alexa came out of the surgery a new little lady. While the first couple of weeks were a little bit painful, I can honestly say that she has not had any setbacks and came out of it perfect. We are now almost 2 years since the surgery, and I can’t remember a single time that she has complained of significant pain.
We owe this blessing to Dr. Shufflebarger and his immense skill. We are so grateful that we chose him and his team, and to this day, we know we made the right choice. Alexa is now very interested in pursuing a medical career involving scoliosis, and she made such a connection with Dr. Shufflebarger’s staff that she is interested in doing an internship with his nurses.
Dr. Shufflebarger made a huge impact in our lives, and we could not thank him enough.  Thank you, Dr. Shufflebarger.
Lester and Gabriella Hooker
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