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Davely Smiling big in the wheelchair Davely SmilingDavely was born with bilateral Tibia Hemimelia in 2015, due to the abnormal orthopedic development in her legs, she had to have her right leg below the knee amputated at 18 months.

In order to save her Left leg from being amputated as well in Texas, we came to Florida, to The Paley Institute in October 2018 to have her left leg/foot saved & reconstructed by Dr. Paley at almost 3 yrs. old.

We are so happy we made that decision to save her left leg and now see Davely, almost 5 years old, walking with her own Left leg saved and reconstructed with the help of her prosthetic Right leg. Thank you Dr. Paley & Paley Institute staff for the amazing care towards Davely. We love y’all!!!

Davely & family



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