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I was sitting in my Mom’s belly pretzel style before I was born. My legs and feet were tangled up together. My legs, feet, arms and hands had tight joints. The problem is called Arthrogryposis. My Mom and Dad were very worried when I was born. They did not know if I would stand, walk, and write when I grew up.

My doctor’s name is Dr. David Feldman. He works in Manhattan at the Hospital for Joint Diseases. Dr. Feldman told my parents that he would try to fix me so I could stand, walk, and write. He put casts on my legs and did lots of operations on my feet. I also wore braces on my hands. I don’t remember any of the operations. Dr. Feldman told my Mom and Dad that I have to wear braces on my legs and do exercises every day so that I will get stronger. My exercises are called PT and OT.

Today, I am almost 8 years old. I can stand, walk, and write. When I visit Dr. Feldman, I am happy to see him. He always smiles at me. I always remember to tell him, ‘Thank you for fixing my feet.’ Dr. David Feldman saved my life. Dr. Feldman is ‘My Everyday Hero’.


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