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Emma has been a patient of Dr. Robbins since she was five. We were referred to him by Dr. Purvis after she suffered osteomyelitis in her tibia arresting her growth plate at 4 years of age. Dr. Robbins led us down this crazy road of lengthening and introduced us to the fixator. He has done a brilliant job of explaining the process to us but more importantly to Emma, calming her fears yet allowing her to be the vibrant, tenacious cowgirl we know her to be throughout this journey!

After two external fixators in Mississippi, there was no question we would continue her plan of care with him at the Paley Institute in West Palm Beach. Through years of AFOs, continuing physical therapy, surgery, recovery, wheelchairs, walkers and crutches, Dr. Robbins has been a steadfast source of trust. We knew he had her best interests at heart, not just her mobility. Being a father himself, his relationship with her could not be found with any other. We are so grateful to him for his experience, attention and care of Emma.

West, Mississippi

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