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 At our 20 week ultrasound, it was suspected that our son, Griffin, would be born with bilateral clubfeet. We spent a good portion of our pregnancy researching Clubfoot. When Griffin was born, we were told by multiple pediatricians at the hospital his feet were ‘normal’. As you could imagine, this was a relief, but with our prior research we knew there was a problem. At 1 month of age, we went for an orthopedic consult and his diagnosis was confirmed, bilateral clubfeet. We started treatment that day. After a series of casting, we began the bracing that is required to maintain clubfoot correction.

Our sweet boy, kept getting severe blistering and would have to discontinue bracing and after the blister healed, return to casting. This process continued until he was 4 months of age. After our previous team consulted with multiple doctors, no one knew why he could not wear the braces with success. We tried everything and had no success.

During some additional research, we found Dr. Matthew Dobbs at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. He had designed the bar used with the braces. We thought the issue was the bar, so we knew he was our guy. Dr. Dobbs confirmed our feet were perfectly corrected and our issue was our boot and bar fitting. Kathy and Dr. Dobbs gave us all of the pointers and it has been smooth sailing since being under their care.

After going to St. Louis for 1.5 years, Dr. Dobbs moved his practice to West Palm Beach. Because of the importance of an appropriate correction, our previous difficulties and the risk of relapse, our family made the decision to travel to Florida to see Dr. Dobbs. We are so thankful for his guidance and expertise and both of our kids talk about him regularly, they adore him! He is by far our favorite physician and the best decision we have made for our son’s medical treatment!

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