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As a father of a child with medical issues you only want the best care and the most knowledgeable and compassionate people on your side every step of the way. To say we have received that from the Paley staff is an understatement. We heard that Dr. Paley was the best surgeon for our son's needs but didn't realize that he and his entire staff would become a part of our family. Over the past 4 years we have met many patients that feel the same way. There hasn't been a time, day or night (even 3am) that Dr. Paley and his staff hasn't been there for us. As I said before, they have treated us like family. I know we're not alone feeling this way but when you are speaking to Dr. Paley or any of the staff, you have their full attention as if you were the only person that they are treating.

When we first met with Dr. Paley prior to any surgeries, my son had three pages of questions and my wife and I had a few as well. He sat with us as a family and answered every last question and then some. In the middle of this visit he was called away for an emergency but before he left, one of his PA's stayed with us and gave us so much more needed information. Upon Dr. Paley's return, he continued to answer the rest of our questions and told us “if there is something you forgot, to call or email him anytime.” We never felt rushed or hurried through the appointment.

Over the past 4 years NOTHING has changed... everyone at the institute is part of our family. My son has been through life changing surgeries and is doing fantastic. I believe it is because Dr. Paley is the BEST OF THE BEST and his staff is second to none. They gave us care, compassion and the knowledge to get through such a life altering experiences with much success!

There is no choice when choosing a surgeon, you want the best for your family and Dr. Paley is that person.

Bryan and Lynn
Patchogue, New York

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