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Sadie with Ice Skates

At 3 days old, Sadie was diagnosed with Congenital Femoral Deficiency. We were not given any options at that time to correct anything with her leg or hip and had never heard of this condition until that day. We found Dr. Paley online a few months later and first met with him when Sadie was 6 months old. He told us he could correct her hip and lengthen her leg and we’ve never looked back.

At 3.5 years old she underwent super hip 2 surgery and wore her first external fixator for 4 months. After 9 months of physical therapy and 2 surgeries, she had a functioning hip!

At 6 years old she had her femur lengthening surgery and wore her 2nd external fixator for 6 months, lengthening her leg by 3 inches!

We will continue to do lengthenings, therapy and treatment with the Paley Institute team until her feet are flat on the ground. In between treatments, Sadie is an active ice skater, ballet dancer, cheerleader and swimmer! We are so thankful to the Paley Institute team for making this possible for her and for all of their encouragement, help and friendship along the way.

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