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Our son Sean was born in March 2004. His right femur hadn’t grown. The only options given to us in Ireland, and indeed by many doctors in the E.U, were to amputate his right foot and/or rotate his right leg.

No one told us about limb lengthening.

We researched ourselves and thank God every day that we found Dr. Paley.

Sean had his first lengthening in November 2006, aged 2. He gained 8 cm of new femur bone. He walked independently for the first time in October 2007.

Now there is no stopping him, he is walking, hopping, and acting like any 4 year-old. He will need further lengthening operations during the next few years, but he will continue to walk on his own two feet!

Few people possess a skill or talent that really makes a difference to another person’s life. Dr. Paley has the expertise to do exactly this and has changed the lives of so many children.

We’re very grateful that our son is one of them.

David and Catherine

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