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Hello, I am Vincenzo and I am 22 years old, I’m an Italian male with a very rare condition that it seemed nobody had ever heard of and there was no cure. The name of my disease is “arthrogryposis”, a disease that in most cases affects the upper and lower limbs, I had both from birth. My parents fought to give me a better life but the doctors in Italy and Europe did not give much hope.

In 2004, we had the good fortune to meet Domenick & Pat, two men nothing short of fantastic, who immediately began searching for doctors who could understand my condition. In 2005, I came to New York to meet several doctors. One of them, Dr. David Feldman expressed so much confidence to us and an opportunity to be able to walk. Dr. Feldman specializes in my condition and works in Manhattan at Hospital for Joint Diseases.

In 2006, I underwent two lengthy procedures. The first lasted eight hours and stretched the tendon in my left leg and straightened my right foot. While the second lasted twelve hours and applied the Ilizarov apparatus. After the surgeries I had extensive therapy that lasted for over five months.

After five months of physical therapy, on 06/13/2006 we all shared the joy of my first independent steps. It was a day full of emotion. I can truly say that I found an angel on my street that has realized my dream and I hope this will continue with him.

Bari, Italy

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