Medical Transportation

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The Paley Institute and St. Mary’s Medical Center provide courtesy transportation services through a third-party vendor, Priority Care Transit. This complimentary service is available Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 5:00pm, limited to the following hotels: Marriott Residence Inn, Mariott Springhill Suites, and Hilton Homewood Suites, as well as the Quantum House. For patients who have made accommodations elsewhere, their transportation to and from the Paley Institute is their responsibility.

Office & PT Appointments

Transportation is offered to patients traveling to and from physical therapy and clinic appointments. Arrangements are made by the Physical Therapy department and requests for a Priority Care shuttle pickup should be made by calling the Physical Therapy department at 561.844.7878. All patients, regardless of where they are staying, will be provided transportation from the Paley Institute to the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults for aquatic therapy appointments, courtesy of St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Priority Care Features

Priority Care offers wheelchair accommodations for patients that normally would not be able to be transported in regular cars and vans. For the convenience of our patients, we ask that you follow these guidelines when using Priority Care:

Be available for pick up on time. Pick-up time is half an hour before your scheduled clinic or therapy appointment, unless otherwise indicated. Other patients are dependent upon timely pick up to make their scheduled appointment and the van will not be able to wait longer than 5 minutes.

Limit family members to one person. There will be times when up to four wheelchair patients (and four family members) are being transported by one van. Exceptions must be cleared with Priority Care Transit each day.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.