Introducing the NEW Paley Growth Multipliers App

Launching the new Paley Growth Multipliers App

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the NEW Paley Growth Multipliers App, a development by Dr. Dror Paley. The state-of-the-art application is now available for download and is set to revolutionize how healthcare professionals predict patient growth patterns.

Stay ahead in your field by leveraging the power of the Paley Growth Multipliers. Download now and start transforming the way you approach predications in your practice.

 Download Paley Growth Multipliers on Google Play Store
Key Features: 

Accurate Predictions: Utilize the Paley Multiplier method to forecast height, limb length, and limb length discrepancies.

User-Friendly Interface: Say goodbye to cumbersome multiplier tables, calculators and formulas. Input patient age, sex and specific length parameters for quick, accurate calculations.

Valuable for Professionals: Ideal for orthopedic specialists, pediatricians, and anyone involved in growth management, providing insights into limb length and discrepancies at maturity for both congenital and development conditions.

This app represents a leap forward in personalized patient care, offering predictions that help in planning treatments and interventions for optimal outcomes.

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