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At Paley Institute Spine Center, Drs. Feldman, Shufflebarger, and Hariharan provide operative and non-operative treatments for any age group suffering from spinal conditions, including Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Spondylolisthesis, and Spina Bifida. Our team's focus is on minimally invasive procedures, combining advanced techniques with superior knowledge and a creative approach. We understand that every patient is unique and offer patient-specific treatments tailored to each individual.

Pediatric Scoliosis X-rays before and after

Adopting and perfecting new, proven, and improved methods for the treatment and surgical correction of known diseases is essential in practicing medicine in the 21st century. Some of the examples of the innovative treatments provided at the Paley Institute include:

  • Schroth Method
  • Rigo Cheneau® Brace
  • Fusionless Tethering of the Spine
  • MAGEC® Spinal Bracing and Distraction System
  • Advanced Spinal Fusion

Drs. Feldman, Shufflebarger, and Hariharan offer comprehensive treatment on a variety of spinal deformities: from therapy to bracing to non-invasive surgery to advanced spinal fusion. We can provide the best treatment for you or your child.

Paley Institute is a world-renowned orthopedic center treating patients from over 80 countries and all 50 United States. At our spine center, we treat the entire spectrum of spinal conditions offering comprehensive treatment: from therapy to bracing to non-invasive surgery to advanced spinal fusion. We're a highly experienced center and treat some of the most complex conditions, including Syndromic and Neuromuscular Scoliosis and Spinal Conditions secondary to Skeletal Dysplasias such as Achondroplasia.

We understand that every patient is unique and offer patient-specific treatments tailored to each individual.

Schroth Method

Patient undergoing Schroth therapy at the Paley Institute Rehabilitation Department

The Schroth Method is a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of scoliosis. It is a form of physical therapy that aims to halt and reverse spinal rotation and deformity. Schroth Therapy helps restore normal spine position and stabilize the deformity without the need for surgery.

The Spine Center at the Paley Institute offers Schroth Therapy for patients with mild scoliosis. We have an on-site physical therapy department, and our therapists have been specially trained in the Schroth Method. We are the only center in the region to offer the Schroth Method.

Rigo Cheneau Brace

Example of a corrective scoliosis brace.

The Paley Institute Spine Center is proud to offer the Rigo Cheneau® Brace. This is a highly advanced device that provides individual scoliosis therapy. This unique bracing system was developed by Dr. Cheneau and later improved by Dr. Rigo. Treatment is designed to account for all aspects of the scoliosis curve. Each brace is individually manufactured for each scoliosis patient. The desired treatment is a gradual elongation and straightening of the spine.

Fusionless Surgery

Fusionless Surgery is a relatively new approach to treating scoliosis and spinal deformity with exciting possibilities! As opposed to fusion surgery, which limits growth and movement, fusionless surgery aims to preserve growth and movement of the spine.

We use the MAGEC® System, a device is used to straighten the spine without fusing vertebrae. The MAGEC system utilizes innovative magnetic technology within adjustable growing rods and an external remote controller (ERC) to help avoid distraction surgeries from the treatment for early-onset scoliosis (EOS). The surgery is indicated for young patients (between the ages of three and nine) with moderate to severe spinal deformities who still have a lot of growth remaining in their life.

Advanced Spinal Fusion

In certain severe cases of scoliosis, spinal fusion may be necessary. We offer the most advanced spinal fusion techniques available. Rods and specialized pedicle screws are attached to vertebrae to fuse the bones together, helping to straighten the spine.

This procedure is only utilized for severe curves (>50 degrees) where other treatment methods are not enough to correct the deformity. This surgery allows for early mobility and a return to all activities in as little as one to two months.

Conditions Treated

Case of Idiopathic Scoliosis

Drs. Feldman, Shufflebarger, and Hariharan have extensive experience in treating a variety of complicated congenital and developmental spinal deformities in children and adults. Some of the conditions treated by our Spine Team include:

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