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My name is AJ and I am a patient of Dr Feldman for many years. Right before my fourth birthday in 2003, I was diagnosed with bilateral Perthes Diseases. I can remember the agonizing pain when I tried to walk or simply stand. One morning I couldn’t get out of bed. I was unable to participate or have normal childhood play. I suffered in pain everyday. Fortunately, my disease was only life altering and not life threatening. My parents began their search for a doctor. After being seen by several different specialists, we finally found the best, Dr. Feldman. There are endless words to describe Dr. Feldman. I am thankful to him, everyday with each step I take. Without his compassion and expert surgical team, I would not be where I am today. His kind, caring and professional staff made my challenge to get through multiple lower limb reconstructive surgeries. I spent seven years undergoing surgical procedures, petry casts with a bar between my legs, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs. Many of my surgeries required hospital stays, endless physical therapy sessions and long recoveries resulting in home tutoring because my school was not handicap compliant.

We traveled from New Jersey to New York for my weekly and monthly appointments and surgeries with Dr. Feldman. I would travel around the world if needed to be treated by Dr Feldman. He has never discouraged me, always made me feel comfortable and always answered any questions or concerns my parents had. Most importantly, he made me feel special. He spoke with me, not to me or at me, truly showing I was more than a patient, he truly cared and wanted to provide the best care for me. There are several methods or beliefs doctors have for my condition, and Dr. Feldman always knew the best way to proceed for me.

Due to my lack of activity, I was extremely overweight causing more obstacles with this weight-bearing disability. Throughout the years, the only sport I could participate in was Taekwondo. This helped my strengthening, motion, and flexibility. My lifelong dream was to be a football player. I accomplished my rank of High Four Red Belt and received my Black Belt invitation for testing. It is bitter sweet that I must say; I put my Black Belt test on hold to pursue my football dream. Since my last visit with Dr Feldman in 2013, I lost 48 lbs. I am now physically able to run miles without pain, enjoy long walks and belong to an amazing football team. My traveling basketball team took 1st place and won the Championship series. Without Dr. Feldman, I would not be where I am today. Dr. Feldman will always be a part of my life’s lessons and accomplishments. I am forever thankful to my family, friends, Dr. Feldman and his staff who helped my through this journey.

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