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We were completely devastated when we took our son Axel, 4 days old to Doctor David Feldman. When he was born, the Pediatrician told us straight that she had never seen a case like this before. What we only knew was that he had severe bilateral clubfeet and what we could all see was that he had leg deformities. She recommended a renowned team in New Jersey, but they could see him at the earliest three weeks later. And we felt we had to act right away. We were very lucky to have a referral and we were able to schedule a visit with Dr. Feldman.

Axel was born on a Monday and Dr Feldman saw him and started to treat him on the Thursday of the same week. Although, he diagnosed hips dislocation, knees dislocation and a very severe case of bilateral clubfeet, he was very encouraging. He reassured us, Axel could get better through the Ponseti method. We will never forget the words of hope and comfort from Ella – Dr. Feldman’s Nurse and Assistant. Doctor Feldman manipulated Axel and put casts on his legs. We were relieved, there was a treatment and it was starting. After that initial visit Dr. Feldman manipulated Axel’s legs and changed Axel casts every week until he turned almost 5 months to put the knees and the feet in their right positions. He made him wear the Pavlik harness to relocate the hips at the same time.

When Axel turned 3 months old, Doctor Feldman took him to a surgery and operated a clubfoot release on both feet.

When Axel turned almost 5 months, casts were replaced by Mitchell shoes (orthopedic shoes with a bar) that he had to wear all day and night. Physical therapy started also at the same time to help him strengthen his legs muscles weakened by the casts and the immobility.

When he turned almost 7 months, he was wearing the shoes only at nap and night times.

When he turned 8 months old and until today he is wearing them only at night time.

Now our son is 14 months old and he pulls himself up. He stands up by himself holding on tables and seems ready to start walking!

There is no word to say how thankful and how grateful we are towards Doctor Feldman and all his team. Axel is called “sweetie pie” and the “miracle boy” in his office.

Every week, the actions done by the doctor and his assistant and the willingness of Axel brought hope and good results.

Doctor Feldman gave a new start in life full of good hope not only to Axel, but also to his older sister and to us, his parents.

The pictures illustrate the story. We are very happy to share this miraculous story with all the parents that might face a similar situation.

Axel, Sandrine, Pablo, and big sister Sofia

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