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I am 64 years of age, and broke my left ankle in three places, 35 years ago while roller skating. The plates and screws were removed years later, but I developed post-traumatic arthritis over the course of years with severe cartilage loss with bone on bone in the tibiotalar joint. I was a candidate for total ankle replacement 15 years ago, but since the technology wasn’t very advanced, I decided to wait.

I have family members in the Physical Therapy field here in West Palm Beach, Fl and so the Paley Institute and Dr. Bradley Lamm were highly recommended by the people I could trust the most. I met with Dr. Lamm in August 2018 and after he reviewed records that I brought and took new xrays, we discussed my options. A Total Ankle replacement was the best choice. On September 12th, he performed my surgery, using the Integra Cadence Total Ankle system. This technology was a great improvement over the hinge type joints of 15 years before. I stayed in the hospital two nights and went home with a cast, to be non-weight bearing, for a month. In the interim, I graduated to a boot, after which I began Physical Therapy at Paley Rehab. At 6 weeks post surgery I had enough range of motion to walk without a cane, and through ongoing rehabilitation, my gait and ROM is improving daily.

Today I am at 8 weeks post surgery. I’m wearing regular shoes and no brace. The pain, discomfort and stiffness, post surgery are average. Nothing unbearable. I have an active job, so I took 12 weeks off of work. I feel that I’ll be ready in another month. Dr. Lamm says I should be able to run with this new ankle!

After living with limitations and pain for many years, this new ankle will change my life. I am so grateful for having found Dr. Lamm, and to have him skillfully perform my ankle arthroplasty. His Fellow Dr. Jordan Ernst assisted and the entire staff has been wonderful. In the Rehab department, Katie Carr PT, did my PT Evaluation and has helped me with treating scar tissue. I have worked closely with Jeff Haffemann PT, who is so great and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend the Paley Institute and St Mary’s Medical Center.

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