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My name is Mary.  Just a little background on where I was before my injury – Most of my life I was an avid athlete, runner and tennis player.  Ten years ago I gave up running to save my knees, and fell in love with speed walking.  Eighteen months ago I was trying out a new pair of speed walking shoes and slipped on a slimy walkway.  I remember flying through the air and coming down with extreme pain coming from my femur.  I was admitted to a local hospital and was diagnosed with an open femur fracture.  I was operated on the following evening and a plate and screws were applied.

I was advised not to weight bear for two months.  Each time I saw the surgeon the x-ray showed non union.  This went on for one year with great disappointment and fear of the unknown.  After several consultations and different suggestions from each doctor, I discovered Dr. Quinnan at the Paley Institute.  When I met Dr. Quinnan he quickly reassured me that this was a situation that could be corrected.  His solution was a rod, nails and better alignment of the break area.  At that moment I felt great relief and confidence in knowing that I found the right surgeon.

We scheduled surgery there and then.  Two of my children and husband came with me on that visit.  We walked out with no words.  It was so reassuring to know that we finally found a proper solution to a long, drawn out year.  Dr Quinnan operated on my femur on August 12, 2021.  The first night of surgery I was able to walk to the bathroom with little assistance.  My recovery was nothing short of miraculous.  It was wonderful to see the difference in my progress.  Every day my walking improved.  I alternated it with pool exercises.  From my first x-ray to the one taken six months later, it showed that nearly all of my bone had grown back.  What an incredible moment for me.  I look on Dr. Quinnan as the surgeon that gave me my life back.  I am now walking several miles a day without limitation in what I can do.

I feel so grateful and I am feeling so blessed.  I don’t have any adjectives to honor his brilliance.  It goes beyond words.  We all know in life it takes a village.  In this village I found Denise, Colleen and many other beautiful angels.  Denise worked very hard to get our insurance done.  She was very helpful and kind to us.  Terrific lady.  Colleen was with me from before surgery to my six month x-ray last week.  Another angel who was put into my life.  She has certainly made my surgery a lot easier to handle.  I thank everyone at Paley for their incredible work.


Thanks, Mary.


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