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Olive using her walkerOlives story is very similar to many here.  After visiting doctors in the NY/NJ/Delaware area we were about to amputate our daughters leg and foot.  My mother in law had heard of Dr. Paley I believe from Oprah or an article and gave us his information.  I emailed Dr. Paley telling him we are about to start amputating when he urged us not to saying he could definitely fix Olives issues.
Olives leg discrepancy is not a result of a birth defect but rather a tragic accident that happened while she was in the NICU.  She was born at 23 weeks and was very tiny and while trying to get a central line the doctor cut off the circulation to her leg which resulted in dead growth plates in her femur and tibia as well as her toes self amputating.  Olive has already been through one leg lengthening and one leg/knee reconstruction surgery with Dr. Paley and we are beyond grateful for his skillful hands.  We adore all the amazing doctors and staff at the Paley Institute who are working miracles with our amazing little warrior.  Despite so much she still continues to smile brightly.
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