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As I was reading all the reviews before going to the first appointment, I thought that the Paley Institute could do amazing things with children, but as an adult I wouldn't be that lucky. After years of frustration attempting to get help, I didn't honestly expect that anyone would be able to help me. I am thankful that I was wrong.

Before my first visit, a vision of hope was cast. Dr. Feldman immediately acknowledged the reason for my intense pain. Unlike so many doctors in the past, he pointed out the physical irritation to my bones as well as a leg length discrepancy. Then he told me what to do to correct the leg length discrepancy and get the bounce out of my walk. At that point, I considered the visit a success. The agreement to fix my leg left me amazed. Surgery was scheduled for five weeks later. I counted down the days until the pain might decrease. The surgery was more complicated than expected, but Dr. Feldman was able to successfully remove the osteochondromas causing my pain. He protected the nerve the entire time. I had previously had foot drop, so I knew it was likely this time too. Dr. Feldman was very pleased when I had motor control of my foot post-op.

Dreams came true! I had my life back from chronic pain. The care I received in the hospital was excellent. When I started physical therapy, Kaela immediately instructed me to correct my walk. She pointed out things that no PT provider had ever acknowledged in the past. And she helped me get off crutches quickly. The recovery has been easier than previous surgery recoveries. I am building strength back in both my leg and arm. For anyone struggling with MHE problems, I would definitely visit the Paley Institute as it brings hope for both children and adults.


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