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Friendships forged in recovery

At the Paley Institute we are dedicated to personally guiding each patient through the treatment process. Our staff is committed to meeting each patient’s individual needs before, during and after treatment. From preoperative planning, to the hospital stay, followed by physical therapy and post-operative care, our staff supports patients and their families. No detail is too small, we provide assistance with travel and living arrangements, transportation and educational alternatives. We also provide training in pin care, fixator and spica cast management and make suggestions for appropriate clothing modifications.

Travel Information

The Paley Institute is committed to assisting you in the coordination of your travel needs to the Paley Institute. Please feel free to call our office for any assistance at 561.844.5255 or toll-free at 844.714.5293 between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm EST.

For more information, see Travel Information


There are many housing options available for patients traveling to the Paley Institute. For current hotel rate information, contact Jennifer Scott at Please keep in mind that hotel rates increase during “season,” which runs from October through March in West Palm Beach.

Our patients pursue a variety of living arrangements based on their individual circumstances and length of stay. Some patients stay at extended stay hotels (Springhill Suites, Homewood Suites, etc.), and some patients pursue other options, choosing to stay at nearby condominiums or rent apartments.

For more information, please see Accommodations

Patient Care Guides

We offer a variety of patient care guides for parents and caregivers during treatment. We have information on pin care, external fixator management, and the spica cast.

For more information, see Patient Care Guides

Insurance Information

The Paley Institute participates with many health insurance providers and accepts self-pay patients. Each insurance company may have different plans, options, and coverages. It is always a good idea to check with your insurance to determine your level of coverage. We will make all efforts to work with your insurance plan, and we can often negotiate Letters of Agreement (LOAs) for non-covered services. For any insurance questions, please call our office at 561.844.5255 or toll-free at 844.714.5293.

For more information, see Insurance & Billing Information


If treatment at the Paley Institute requires you to stay in West Palm Beach, your child ( as well as any siblings) will be unable to attend their regular school. Many families choose to continue through their own school district from home via Skype or Face Time. Some families hire private tutors. Some families withdraw from school back home and enroll through a hospital homebound program through the Palm Beach County schools.

For any questions or more information on schooling, please contact Jennifer Scott at


Many patients will need to have adapted clothing throughout lengthening treatment due to the external fixator. Underwear, swimsuits, pants, and shorts will need to be adapted on one or both sides with Velcro, snaps, or ties to allow them to dress around the fixator.

For more information on clothing adaptations, please contact Jennifer Scott at

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