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Fusionless Surgery is a relatively new approach to treating scoliosis and spinal deformity with exciting possibilities! As opposed to fusion surgery, which limits growth and movement, fusionless surgery aims to preserve growth and movement of the spine.

We use the MAGEC® device, developed by Ellipse Technologies. This device is used to straighten the spine without fusing vertebrae. The surgery is indicated for young patients (between the ages of three and nine) with moderate to severe spinal deformities who still have a lot of growth remaining in their life.

The MAGEC® is an adjustable growing rod that uses innovative magnet technology and remote control to stabilize and correct the spine. The device is inserted in a minimally-invasive procedure. The device can then be modified using an external remote controller (ERC). The MAGEC device offers enormous benefits to spine correction:

  • Non-invasive
  • Fusionless - allows for growth in children
  • Eliminates need for repeated surgery
  • Significantly reduces complications

The MAGEC device is comprised of a spinal rod that is surgically implanted to the spine using pedicle screws, hooks, and/or connectors. The rod is used to brace the spine during growth to minimize the progression of scoliosis. The rod also contains a magnet which can be used to telescopically lengthen or shorten the rod using the ERC device. Patients return monthly where Dr. Feldman will assess the curvature of the spine. Periodic lengthening of the spine can be performed without additional surgery to distract the spine and gradually correct the deformity. Once the device has achieved its goal, it is removed in a minor outpatient procedure.

Fusionless surgery is an exciting new approach to treating scoliosis and advanced spinal deformities. At the Paley Institute we are always searching for new innovative techniques to provide world-class care to our patients.

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