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Once the new regenerate bone has completely consolidated, the final step will be removal of the PRECICE nails. Removal of the nails is a minor outpatient procedure and you will be able to return home the following day.

All of the nails should be removed. Removal timing is not critical but is most often done one or two years after the original surgery. The reason to remove the nails is that they are made of titanium and since they have moving parts they generate metal ions over the course of many years. While they are inert and there is no urgency to remove them, it is recommended to remove them one or two years after insertion. The PRECICE also has a rare earth magnet inside. This is sealed from the body inside a waterproof chamber. It is possible that after years this seal could leak and the rare earth magnet would be exposed to body fluids. As such, it is preferable to remove the device before this could happen.


The cost of removal is separate and is not included in the cost estimate. The cost of removal is $17,500 for two femurs and $22,500 for two tibias, and $27,500 for simultaneous bilateral femur and tibia removal. The removal surgery is usually performed at our outpatient Surgery Center:

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