Treatment Strategies

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At the Paley Institute we provide limb reconstructive surgery to restore normal function in patients with Robert’s Syndrome.

We can reconstruct the lower limbs using osteotomy and external fixation, as well as limb lengthening. We can perform gradual distraction as well as soft tissue releases to correct joint contractures. A hemi-epiphysiodesis surgery can also be performed to gradually correct angular deformities. A Pollicization surgery can be performed to correct absent thumb, as well as an Ulnarization for correction of wrist deformities.

At the Paley Institute, we are equipped to treat the full orthopedic spectrum of the sequelae of Robert’s Syndrome. We have treated the problems ranging from knee fusion, knee contractures requiring straightening, limb length discrepancies, pollicization for absent thumb, and ulnarization for wrist deformity.

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