The Paley MethodPaley Institute Stature Lengthening Center

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The stature lengthening method at the Paley Institute is divided into two phases: surgery and distraction phase and consolidation phase. Prior to surgery, patients are required to book an initial consultation. We need to assess you and ensure that you are as prepared as possible for this surgery. During the surgery, Dr. Paley will perform an osteotomy and your bone will be separated followed by insertion of the PRECICE lengthening nail. After surgery, lengthening will begin and you will enter the distraction phase. Once the desired length has been achieved, you will enter the consolidation phase. No further adjustments are made to the PRECICE and the new bone is allowed is allowed to heal. The PRECICE nail will be removed one to two years later, in a minor outpatient procedure.

The entire procedure includes the following steps: